About us  

About us

ReacđŻout.BG is a nongovernmental organization whose main purpose is the structured long-term assistance of children and teenagers deprived of family and parental care. The organization is a member of the National network for children and is licensed by the State agency for child protection for providing the social service “Mobile centre for working with children”.

Every, one of our initiatives aims to prevent dropping out of school, provides access to developmental and educational programs that help develop skills for an independent and fulfilling life. 

Archaic and centralized models prevalent in the current institutions tasked with caring for the wellbeing of the children deprived of parental care are often an impediment to creating the conditions necessary for the harmonic development of the children. The Reachout.BG team emphasizes an individual approach in working with each child that takes part in our initiatives.

Certain of our activities focus on the early development of young children, while others work with teenagers that have or are about to leave the institution or foster care home.

Having a wide network of volunteers and professionals in the field is a key differentiating feature of our work.

Our adaptive learning programmes have been at the centre of our success – we are constantly learning and incorporating suggestions from all stakeholders in our work. This is in direct contrast with the current system of care, which has been slow to evolve.

Understanding that an emphasis on donating one’s most precious gifts – time and emphathy is at the core of our philosophy.

The deep understanding of the complexity of the issues that children deprived of a family and parental love face is a critical part of our work

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