Corporate social responsibility  

Corporate partnership

How your company can help our work

Alognside individual volunteers, corporate social responsibility is a very powerful tool for helping and implementing change in the lives of children, deprived of parental care.

Here are a few ideas of how your organisation can help. If you'd like to discuss a specific idea or have questions, please get in touch by clicking "Contact Us".

Ways in which your organisation or company can help our work:

  • Matched donations. Matching your employees' donation is a great way to encourage both employees and the company to contribute to a charitable cause in a tax efficient way. It also strenghtens a company's brand with its own employees and outsiders. You can nominate a "Charity of the year" through an employee poll.
  • Encourage employees to donate their time. Donating the salary equivalent of an hour worked, or granting employees a "charity day off" works really well and fosters teamwork and networing amongst employees, as they can get to know each other while doing something really worthwile outside the office. Donate an hour of your time to change a child's life!
  • Direct donations from specific product sales. The charitable cause can be advertised when selling the product. This is a very powerful way to donate, as it establishes a partnership between the organisations and ensures a steady flow of funds for your chosen cause.
  • Brand-sharing. You can co-brand a specific product or promotion and popularise your charitable cause.


These are just some of the ways in which you can encourage your organisation to show its social responsibility side. Acting charitably is a great way to promote your business and increase your brand recognition.

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