Afterschool Program for Children at Risk

What is the problem?

Bulgaria typically invests little in pre-primary and primary education - key areas for an equal start in life and for the prevention of income inequalities during adulthood. Participation in early childhood education and care by children aged between 4 and the compulsory school age (7) is significantly below the EU average and early school leaving is particularly high, especially among the Roma population. Parents’ low socio-economic status has a strong impact on students’ performance. Many parents can’t help much with homework because their level of literacy is too low. According to PISA educational ratings from 2015, 43% of Roma children aged 14 + are not attending any school programs and about 40% of Bulgarian 15 year-olds (twice the EU average) do not have a minimum level of basic skills in science, reading or mathematics.

How this project will solve the problem? The Homework Club

Children deprived of parental care or living with families facing adversity identified as being at risk of dropping out of school will receive additional academic support at the Homework Club. Different groups will be organized for 25 primary and secondary school students. Each group will meet twice a week. 750 classes will be carried out for a period of 1 year.  The main activities will focus on homework completion, reading support, math help and preparation for standardized testing. Attending the Homework Club will help the children to develop stronger homework habits and to be more confident at school.

Potential long-term impact

The project will help children become more engaged in school, help raise their academic performance and reduce their likelihood of taking part in at-risk behaviors or acting out in school. Also, it will extend children's literacy experiences in ways not generally possible during the school day help them develop a variety of lifelong interests and skills, which in turn will help them participate better in their community.

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