In the summer of 2022 (June - September), Reachout is carrying out the project "My First Summer School in Bulgaria" in partnership with Sito Studio and Reverso Adventure School, with the aim of supporting the adaptation and integration of 16 children from Ukraine who have sought temporary or international protection in Bulgaria and do not speak Bulgarian. The project is funded by BCause Foundation #BG4UA and combines various educational, cultural and outdoor activities. On the one hand, these activities help the children to acquire a basic level of Bulgarian language for school as well as basic knowledge about Bulgaria, and on the other hand create an opportunity for them to overcome feelings of emptiness and loss. They also allow children to communicate and make friends, thus preventing the risk of social isolation.
Main activities:
- Bulgarian language lessons
The Bulgarian lessons are conducted in small groups and are tailored both to the guidelines of the European Language Framework and to the age and needs of the children. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics to develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Bulgarian.

- Art workshops
The art workshops are run by our partner "Sito Studio" and allow children to immerse themselves in the magic of silkscreen printing and cyanotype - an easy and magical photographic process that is used to develop photographs or make photograms. During the cyanotype classes, children make their own compositions which they develop, and in the silkscreen printing classes, they create pictures which they print on textile bags/t-shirts.

- Adventure days
The adventure days are held by our partner "Reverso Adventure School’’, each time at a different location in the mountains near Sofia. The activities include climbing, rope garden, mountain orienteering, a visit to a donkey farm and a swimming pool, and various other games.
- Psychological counselling
In addition to the wide range of educational and creative activities, psychological counselling is provided to children as needed to alleviate the suffering caused by the loss or separation of relatives and friends, as well as other traumatic events resulting from the war or difficulties related to adapting to life in Bulgaria. 


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