Education support program  

Daycare centre for the youngest students

The ReachOUT.BG is very proud to share the success stories of the youngest children that we work with. In September 2013 to mark the beginning of the new school year, we launched our Educational daycare programme for the smallest residents of the P. Slaveykov orphanage. The aim of the project is to help address any learning or behavioural issues at an early stage, as well as create a safe and positive environment for play and learning.
The daycare room is a place where various learning activities take place, various learning interests are nourished and curiosity and social contacts are encouraged. Full participation in all activities is encouraged in order to create a sense of belonging and friendship. 
The daycare teacher uses various play methods to help learning, encouraging healthy competition and individual contributions. This helps develop the sense of individual and group behavior models which are often lacking. This safe environment also helps release tension and reduces conflict among the children, as they receive guidance and are show examples of how to treat each other. 

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