Education support program  

Bulgarian language support

Bulgarian language proficiency is the main building block on which future development rests, and we often witness poor language skills, especially in children from minority ethnic groups. Recognising the importance of this issue, the ROBG team offers Bulgarian language lessons which helps the children catch up on their reading/writing skills and knowledge of literature. The courses extend beyond simplyo catching up on falling behind in school, which is quite pervasive, but also allow for some creative work that broadens the knowledge horizons. 
The courses are led bya qualified teacher, member of the ROBG team, who has a wealth of experience with children from primary and secondary school. The teacher is specifically qualified to work with children with behavioural and attention deficit issues. Part of the focus is on the actual process of concentration and learning.
We are witnessing an improvement in the overall quality of education, but more importantly the success is motivating the children to be more persistent and rigorous in learning, which is absolutely key. Setting clear and achievable goals and a step by step approach works particularly well.
The Bulgarian language courses also prepare the students for school leaving exams, as well as university application aptitude tests. We emphasize a working environment of respect for the teacher and books, and intellectual curiosity. The individual work assignments help the children develop a better way of expressing themselves, interpret their own thoughts and give meaning to their feelings. Last but not least, encouraging curiosity helps them develop new information sources and teaches them responsibility and time management. Finally, the well-publicized successes of those making good progress create a virtuous circle of improvement and aspiration to be a part of the group of those that are “knowledgeable”, which is a motivator like no other. 

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